I Have No Dreams

I’m not talking about hopes/aspirations kind of dreams– those died the day I had children. Kidding. My dreams aren’t dead, but rather in a temporary coma.

I experience dreamless sleep these days. The thing with being sleep deprived (other than the brain numbing duh-ness and scary under eye-bags) is that I don’t dream. Or possibly I do, but I’m just too tired to recall.

I used to have crazy vivid dreams every night that I loved recapping the following morning. I’ve never seen my husband laugh as hard at anything than at my “re-enactment” of the dream where I was master of a parade gone horribly wrong. I’d retell it here, but it would be lost in translation without the necessary visuals and accompanying marching song.

Many of my creative ideas and quirky inspirations for inventions or organizational tools came from dreams. I’ve even had prophetic dreams and had tea with deceased relatives while dreaming.

For the last few months, my sleep has been dreamless. No reverie whatsoever. Not even a simple, run-of-the-mill “running in place, not getting anywhere, while completely naked at my high school reunion as my teeth are falling out” dream.

Until last night. I wish I could say it was funny or uplifting. It wasn’t. It was sickening. The residual image has literally left me feeling ill all day.

I dreamed that I was standing in a park near our house. As I watched the children play I saw an airplane approaching overhead. It was dangerously low in the sky. It barely cleared the top of the swing set and as it disappeared over a ridge of trees, I heard it crash. My house was on the other side of those trees. I looked to the swings and saw that they were empty and I screamed for my children…

Seriously? I couldn’t have had the dream where I’m flying? I love that one. So I don’t dream for months and THIS is the little gem that finally appears from within my subconscious? Gee, I wonder what it could possibly mean? How about, “Get a grip woman and stop obsessing over your children and things which are out of your control, freak!” At least I wasn’t naked and my teeth were all intact…


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  • Damn dreams! Cast it away from your mind immediately. Have a nice bath and a glass of wine and some chocolate and think happy thoughts.

    And since you didn't describe the parade master dream can you please act it out in a vlog and post that? kthx.

  • I hate scary dreams. As a kid, I was plagued with nightmares. Now, I don't get them as often, but when I do, and when they are about my kids, it's the worse feeling.

    I hope you find a way to release your stress so the plane can land safely next time.

    And flying dreams rock!

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