Boo Hoo, My Baby’s No Longer Two….

Teary, Blubbery, Gloomy, Snivelly, Sappy, Sucky and Sobby

The new cast of the Seven-Dwarfs?

More like a perfect description of me approaching my baby girl’s 3rd birthday. Maybe I was a little grumpy or even a titch witchy?

No. Not really witchy (I just used that word so I could use a photo of me as the witch from Snow White!) Really, I was more of a weepy, mush-bag.

I could easily write a post wrought with emotion describing how far our little girl has come. How she’s faced obstacles and countless trips to hospitals and appointments with a smile and that giggle of hers that makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. I could go on about how her daddy and I burst with pride every time she accomplishes a goal or does something that she was never “supposed” to be able to do.

I could.

But I won’t. Every parent’s child is special. Every parent bursts with pride on a daily basis. And, every parent feels sentimental on their child’s birthday. I’m no different.

This year my husband, 6 year old son and our dog Roger (What? He’s totally part of the family) made the annual summer trek to Michigan with my parents to visit my brother and his family as we’ve done every summer for years. This time, DD and I stayed home and sent the boys on without us (Picture me lying, bloodied from battle, uttering in my last breath, “Go on without us…we’ll be ok. Don’t forget to stop at the Duty Freeeeeee…..”

Since DD’s recent hospitalization, our medical insurance won’t cover her out of country, so a trip across the border was out of the question.

Of course, I was miffed that I’d miss out on the swimming, the parade, the trampolining, the outlet-malling, the badminton tourney that I was planning on dominating this year. But mostly,

I was worried about:

a) Something happening to our daughter with hubby so far away
b) Something happening to hubby or son or Roger with me so far away
c) Being burgled
d) The house being hit by a tornado
e) Wallowing in loneliness
f) Missing out on the memories being made…without me!

Thankfully, a-d didn’t happen.

And, e) was averted thanks to kind friends who took us in, fed, watered (wined) and entertained us.

Of course f) couldn’t be helped. I know that my family made some very special memories and I’m happy about that. My daughter and I made memories too. Special ones like:

• Our first bike ride together (Note to self: SLOW the hell down woman! You nearly killed yourself and your baby passenger!)
• My darling girl saying crap and f*ck on the same day (Leaving that out of her baby book)
• Eating a ridiculous amount of pizza, hot dogs and Kraft dinner in front of the t.v. I’d like to give a shout out to the local library for supplying us with a stellar selection of Dora, Sesame Street and Blues Clues DVDs. So glad my tax dollars are doing some good.
• Not to mention the climbing, laughing, swinging, pretending, slip-and-sliding, splashing, learning, growing, imagining, cuddling and loving we did every day. Oh man. Just teared up writing that list. For real. God. I AM a sappy mother. Isn’t it great?

Happy Birthday my three year old girlie.

I am happy to hang with you any time, any place girlfriend.

Love you!

Mummy XOXO


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