August 28, 2015

It's Las Palmas Girl!

You've seen the "Las Palmas Baby" You Tube video, right? It's a hysterical parody of a drunkardy tourist lady (the fanny pack? Ha!) in a bar—expertly played by an oblivious apple juice swigging toddler.

If you haven't watched it yet, it's a must-do! It's brilliant—the clip is at the end of this post.

A few weeks ago at a special family celebration, Avery unwittingly provided a moment of levity amid the emotion by channeling her inner Las Palmas. My cousin and I noticed it at the same time. "Hey look, it's Las Palmas Baby!" she exclaimed, laughing.

Despite the unfortunate absence of the fanny pack, Avery nailed it.

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August 25, 2015

A Simple Formula For A Happy Life

pinterest quotes

We're just home from a few weeks away and I'm behind in basically everything—work, errands, housework. So naturally instead of facing reality, I'm cruising the internet pinning recipes I don't have the ingredients for, bookmarking household projects I'll never get to even if I had the tools or skills to do them, and reading quotes—nauseating inspirational preachings that actually make me think. Dammit. I don't have time for reflection. These toilets aren't going to clean themselves. By the way, why hasn't anyone come up with something for that yet? Not just that blue liquid that auto-dispenses into the bowl. I mean, a toilet that actually disinfects the scunge under the seat with blue light technology or something. The lady across the street has Molly Maid in once a week to scrub her scunge. My girlfriend says it might be easier to just drop some Molly (I'm not exactly sure what Molly is but I know it's a drug that Miley Cyrus recommends) and maybe if you drop it (or do you smoke it?) you won't even notice or care how dirty your house is. Hello, Molly Maid.

Anyway, I was reading some quotes just now and had an epiphany—maybe the way to live life in complete harmonious balance is all in the numbers? Instead of feeding my children or folding laundry or answering that work email that has been sitting in my inbox all morning, I've been working on this—what I believe might be the formula for life perfected. I know, goosebumps, right?

Counting Down from five...

Son that's it then. Just remember these five things and life is golden.

Hey, did you see my latest Pinterest fail? "Pinterest, Why Can't I Quit You?"

August 16, 2015

Bye-Bye Bloggy (For The Summer At Least)

We've been away from home a lot this summer—six weeks in total. So blogging about life has taken a back seat to living life. We've been traveling and site seeing, exploring, visiting family and friends and making some pretty cool memories. I'll get back to it in September because I have some stories I'm just itching to share. But for now, living it up IRL is where it's at.

Though, I have to say it feels wrong neglecting my blog for so long. Poor little thing, ignored and pouting in a corner of the Internet like an insecure wallflower. So while I have a quiet moment with access to real live wifi, I thought I'd post a few stream of consciousness thoughts...
  • Eagles soaring over head and a dragonfly landing on your hand are signs that she's here with us.
  • Showing your children where you grew up—telling them the stories and taking them to spots where your special moments took place is magical, basically.

  • Sometimes there is just so much beauty (I'm looking at you Sea to Sky highway!) that you just can't take it all in. If you tried, your eyeballs might explode out of your head.
  • Even though you may not see each other for years, when you meet again, it's like no time has passed at all.

  • Before we only knew you in name. But now, after finally meeting face to face, you've become a new friend.
  • My kids sitting on their great-grandpa's lap—the hugs and the smiles brought me to tears. Happy ones, because I'm so grateful, but also sad because these moments are few and far between.  

  • People who have a lot rarely talk about it. And they certainly don't flaunt or boast. I admire your humbleness and generosity. (Not to mention your design sense.)
  • Never mind the roses, stop and smell the cedars.
  • That first shower after spending four days in the woods is a religious experience.
  • The upside of gaining a few pounds? I've become a better swimmer. #builtinfloatationdevice
  • Well sure, you could camp without pink Himalayan sea salt, capers, and fire roasted red peppers, but why? Try camping with my best friend sometime and you'll never go back to weenies on a stick. We essentially camped with Martha Stewart and it was marvelous. 

  • If you leave a pie out, a raccoon WILL attempt to drag it away into the woods. But if you wrestle it back and cut away the paw marks, it's still totally *edible.
  • Pine cones tossed by a squirrel from a tall tree pick up a surprising amount of velocity.
  • If Flippy Cup and Beer Pong become olympic events, I should compete for Canada.

  • Fish and chips taste better when you eat them on the beach. 
  • Traveling so much—and so far and with some pretty rustic and remote components is something we never imagined we'd be able to do. With Avery's delays and medical concerns, it just didn't seem possible. And yet, here we are. We traveled by plane, by boat, by car and by foot. We went to a remote house by a lake, up a mountain (like way up...only accessible by 4-wheel drive) to a rustic cabin in the wild, up a gondola into the sky, along sloped wooded trails and dove head first into the sea. We've done it all. Avery has proven she can do it. And we, her dad and I, have discovered that we are ready to let her do it all.

So with that dear blog, I'm leaving you again. Hiking shoes laced, backpacks on, we're off to climb a mountain trail.

*Campfire discussion.... why 'edible' not 'eatable'? There was a lively discussion, but no conclusion. 

*Just before I posted this, Avery came down with a fever so we didn't end up going hiking. The boys did, but Avery and I stayed back and rested. I tried not to stress too much (it took some deep breathing on my part) because she's come so far. The next morning she woke up, mended and ready for the next adventure.  

August 3, 2015

Rapidlash Results

At the beginning of the summer I was asked to try RapidLash. Though I rarely do beauty reviews my friend was using this product and her lashes looked amazing. So naturally, I wanted what SHE had.

You can read my first post here for more info about RapidLash and to check out the growing new trend in "Dental Selfiies."

After using the eyelash serum for about a month, I was ready to take an "after" photo to share on Instagram. However, eye had a problem. See was I did there? My left eyeball exploded while I was at the cottage.

*Warning: If blood makes you squeamish, scroll past this next photo because it's gross.

While doing crunches (the exercise kind, not my usual potato chip kind) I was holding my breath because breathing while exercising, is like, hard. The pressure caused a vessel in my eye to burst. For the rest of the week I had to wear sunglasses because my bloody eyeball was making everyone uncomfortable. I reminded them that Zombies are hot and on trend. They didn't care.

Clearly my after shot had to wait. But, two weeks later and six weeks into my RapidLash trial, the blood reabsorbed into my head and I'm ready to share my results! Here are Lisa's BEFORE and AFTER lashes!

Just kidding. This is a totally different Lisa—a lucky Lisa without the impediment of hooded lids. (This is one of the models on the RapidLash packaging.) I tried capturing a side view of my lashes like hers and...hooded lids like mine are not conducive to side angle photos. I struggled to hold my droopy lid up with one hand while awkwardly attempting a selfie with the other. It wasn't pretty.

So instead I went head-on. And may I just say, examining close-up photos of my make-up free face was eye opening. The sun damage and random hairs where hair shouldn't be (not to mention grey eyebrow hairs! wtf?!), the saggy lids and wrinkly bits, bumps and weird red patches? Yikes. Plus my son asked me why my nose is purple in the first photo. Sigh. Anyway, enough vain whining. Here are my actual results...

My lashes are thicker and appear darker. They also feel noticeably soft. I had hoped I would be able to forgo mascara as a result. However, au naturel, my lashes don't appear much different. But with mascara, my lashes look significantly longer than my pre-RapidLash lashes. In fact, with regular mascara my eyelashes actually hit the interior lenses of my sunglasses. I've never experienced that kind of length before! TWSS. Sorry. Had to.

Final Thoughts:
Are my lashes healthier, fuller, longer? Yes.
Do my lashes give the appearance of having lash extensions? No. 
Can I go mascara free and have the look of super long lashes? Not really.  
Do my lashes look noticeably longer and thicker when I put on mascara. Yes.
Will I continue using RapidLash? Yes.

If you give it shot, let me know how RapidLash worked for you!  

Disclosure: I am part of the RapidLash campaign with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions (and lashes) on this blog are my own.


July 28, 2015

The Home Run That Made Me Cry

Though I enjoy peanuts and popcorn and crackerjacks, (and a cute baseball hat), I stink at baseball. It's probably why my softball team called me "No Depth Perception Lisa."

My nephew however is a talented player. He plays on a traveling rep team in the states. He's a pitcher. And a bit of a belly itcher. But that's only because of the mosquito bites. :)

Zach's team finished the season on top. They take their sport seriously and practise hard. What's as impressive as their dedication is the coaches' commitment to teamwork and good sportsmanship.

For extra practise and for the love of the sport, my brother Mike built a baseball diamond in their yard. (Yes, there were lots of "if they build it, they will come" jokes.) They hosted a party for the team while we were there visiting. The coaches wrote something inspirational about each player to share while they presented them with a ball signed by every player. I was touched by their passion for this sport. Well, not enough to actually play in the parent/kid game they had that night, but certainly enough to watch.

The day of the big game, my nephew took his little cousin out to the diamond to teach her how to hit a ball. She listened enthusiastically to his instructions and he offered patient, kind encouragement. It was a joy to watch.

After the awards were handed out and the last hot dog was eaten, it was time for the game. I had no idea Avery would be given a chance to play. It wasn't planned. In fact, I went inside to grab something and was only drawn back outside by the sound of cheering and voices chanting, "Go Avery, go Avery!"

She hit the ball and was running around the bases, laughing, blonde hair flying out behind her. The infielder could have easily gotten her out, but instead he over-threw first base, allowing Avery to run to second. The first baseman threw the ball wildly into the air so Avery could continue around the bases. Each player dropped, missed or over-threw the ball so Avery could get her first home run.

Like I said, it wasn't planned. The coaches didn't tell these twelve-year-olds to do this. They just did. Instinctively they knew how much this moment would mean to a special little girl.

I wish I had captured it on video, but spontaneous moments are elusive like that. I did snap this grainy picture though while clapping and screaming.

Kudos to you Bucs coaches—not only do your players play with heart, they follow their hearts.

P.S. Baseball hats are great for covering up a bad hair day or shading your eyes from the sun. They're also perfect for pulling down over your face when a home run makes you cry.