Are You An April Fool?

April Fools’ Day falling on Easter Sunday this year has thrown me off. I had to hide eggs and make bunny pancakes—I didn’t have it in me to execute any clever pranks too. 

I’m not great at it anyway. Most of my family and friends claim they can see it coming from a mile away.

So instead of fun pranks, here’s a random list of foolish ways to be a big ol’ fool in a daily life kind of way.

Do any of the following if you want to be foolish AF. 

1.Text and drive.
2. Cut your own hair. Especially after a glass of wine or three. 
3. Take on more than you can handle. Just keep saying yes to everything until you pass out. 
4. Put your health last. 
5. Take people for granted. 
6. Make up time lost by stealing “sleep” time. Sleep is for babies. 
7. Never step outside your comfort zone.
8. Bail on as many social engagements as you can. 
9. Skip exercise. Who wants to go getting all healthy and trim?
10. Send a text while you’re angry. 
11. Gossip and spread rumours. 
12. Compare yourself to others. 
13. Sleep with your cell phone.  
14. Refuse to admit when you’re wrong. 
15. Spend more time online than with REAL friends and family. 
16. Brag. 
17. Dwell on the past. 
18. Leave everything to the last minute. 
19. Pass the buck. 
20. Assume the worst. 
21. Hold a grudge. 
22. Drink on an empty stomach. 
23. Lie.
24. Don’t recycle and use all the plastic. 
25. Skip the instructions. 
26. Respond to a email in haste without checking whether you’ve clicked “reply” or “reply ALL!”
27. Share a secret that is not yours to share. 
28. Eat processed foods every day. The more salt the better. 
29. Give up immediately, especially when it’s hard. 
30. Hide behind your keyboard. 
31. Boycot water. Go dry.  
32. Believe everything you read. 
33. Cheat. 
34. Embrace envy and jealousy. 
35. Stand by and say nothing when you could actually do something to help. 
36. Throw people under the bus. 
37. Assume somebody else will take care of it. 
38. Tell people you care about how much you love and appreciate them…tomorrow. 
39. Binge.
40. Make everything about you. 

Happy Easter Fools Day! 

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