The Look Of Big Girl Shoes WITHOUT Having To Tie Laces!

My daughter has always had petite feet (petite everything actually). Even now at the age of nine, she’s sporting size 12-kid shoe. In one way, this is a good thing. As a special kiddo with motor skill delays, tying laces isn’t an option. So, having small feet means there are still lots of shoes to choose from that have Velcro closures. The thing is, she may be little in the tootsies, but she’s a big girl—grade four this year.
Fourth Graders tie up their own laces.

Avery can’t tie up her own shoes (Yet! We’re working on it!). This is another thing that sets her apart and it frustrates her. So this year she went back to school with BIG GIRL LACE UP SHOES…with a helpful twist.

The two pairs Avery got for BTS have the look up lace ups, but can easily be slipped on.

1. Skechers Girl’s Twinkle Toes: Shuffles – Heart N Sole

How fun and funky are these sneakers? The high tops provide extra ankle support which helps to keep kids like Avery with weak ankles more stable. Plus, they have a flexible rubber traction outsole which makes them safer for running around on the playground. And yes, the toes twinkle when you stomp. But the best part is they zip open which makes them easy to slip on without having to fuss with laces, and they fasten closed with a Velcro tab that looks like a tricky buckle. They’re also roomy enough to easily insert her *orthotics.

*For years Avery wore bulky custom orthotics and AFOs. Finding shoes to accommodate them was a challenge. Now that she wears thin footbed orthotics (we bought this pair of Birkenstock footbeds from our podiatrist’s office) the shoe world is our oyster! The inserts slide easily into these shoes and can be moved from shoe to shoe.

2. Skechers Appeal Ziggy-Zag

This is the sneaker Avery keeps at school as her “indoor shoes.” They’re bright and happy and go with everything. They too have the look of laces, but the stretchy bungee style of lace doesn’t need to be tied—she can put these on all by herself after recess. It’s easy independence. Woot!

*This shoe has a memory foam insert built in, so she wears this pair without her footbeds—this was a conscious choice—transferring the inserts from outdoor shoe to indoor shoe several times a day was too much. We’d rather she wears the inserts in her outdoor shoes and boots for more support while she’s running and climbing.

Skechers has a huge selection of styles to choose from this year—lots with the look of laces but easy to put on for kids who haven’t quite mastered the infamous shoe lace yet. 

For the full shoe view, visit the Skechers Canada website. I check-marked the pairs Avery has already, and circled the ones we have our eyes on…

FYI…this post was not sponsored. I chose these two pairs of shoes knowing they would work well for Avery this year and Skechers generously sent them to us to try out. I’m choosing to share because Avery feels so happily independent being able to put these shoes on and off by herself. Yay!

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