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The Look Of Big Girl Shoes WITHOUT Having To Tie Laces!

The Look Of Big Girl Shoes WITHOUT Having To Tie Laces!

My daughter has always had petite feet (petite everything actually). Even now at the age of nine, she’s sporting size 12-kid shoe. In one way, this is a good thing. As a special kiddo with motor skill delays, tying laces isn’t an option. So, having small feet means there are still lots of shoes to choose from that have Velcro closures. The thing is, she may be little in the tootsies, but she’s a big girl—grade four this year. Fourth Graders tie up their own laces. Avery can’t tie up her own shoes (Yet! We’re working on it!). This is another thing that sets her apart and it frustrates her. So this year she went back to school with BIG GIRL LACE UP SHOES…with a helpful twist. The two pairs Avery got for BTS have the look up lace ups, but can easily be slipped on. 1. Skechers Girl’s Twinkle Toes: Shuffles – Heart N Sole How fun and funky are these sneakers? The high tops provide extra ankle support which helps to keep kids like Avery with weak ankles more stable. Plus, they have a flexible rubber traction outsole which makes them safer for running around on the playground.[…]

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