My daughter is beautiful, inside and outside. Though I have to say, sometimes her outside is a mess. At every meal she ends up with a ridiculous amount of food on her face. We have no idea how she doesn’t feel it. And if she is aware of the loaf of bread hanging from her lower lip, how does it not drive her nuts?! But alas, this is one of the many mysteries that make our Avery unique.

cloth napkins for kids

Left to her own devices, she would go through a dozen paper napkins in one sittingthat’s a whole pile of unnecessary waste. We tried sending Avery to school with a pair of terrycloth wristbands to wear during lunch. Her occupational therapist gave us the idea, suggesting she use them to wipe her mouth. Good idea in theory, but she didn’t like the way they felt on her wrists and the experiment failed.

Without the teacher or her EA facilitating, lunchtime is when Avery has
an opportunity to interact with her peers independently. And though the
kids at her table group graciously try to ignore the food
on her chin, we are trying to teach her to get it together. 🙂

We recently found sweet success with some cute, colourful, cottony cloth napkins called Funkins.

Avery is attracted to the patterns ANDto the “celebrity factor.” The first time she brought in her butterfly and flower napkins, the girls in her class wanted to know where she got them because they wanted some too! Well, this made Avery love them even more.

I love them because they’re reusable/eco-friendly and made from high-quality, 100% cotton that’s soft to touch and holds up well in the wash. They’re pretty, practical (no more mustard on Avery’s chin!) and good for the environment.

A few crumpled up paper towels at lunch may not seem like much, but added up, it’s a heap! A whopping 3,460,000 TONS of paper towels and napkins end up in landfills every year. Gross. We can do better. Litterless Lunches are a good start.

* Ditch the juice boxes
* Pack lunches in reusable containers or go Bento Box style
* Use cloth napkins like Funkins instead of paper napkins
* Subscribe to the #LetsBeLitterFree lifestyle!

Here’s a 60 second snapshot of 
Avery in action at school for lunch!

Visit to choose from dozens of adorable patterns. I’m buying a few more so we’ll have two week’s worth (Avery likes to bring a different pattern to school every day and I *sometimes* fall behind on the laundry situation). Just wait until Avery sees the gymnastics patterned napkin. She’s going to lose her Funkin mind! 😉

Let me know in the comments which patterns YOU like the best and give the Funkins peeps a shout on their Facebook page. 

Disclaimer: I am taking part in the Funkins blog campaign. While I have received
compensation as part of my affiliation with this program, the opinions
shared are mine (and Avery’s too).


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