How Do We Protect Our Special Daughters?


We listened to this man’s thoughtful commentary on the radio and welcomed the other man into our homes every Thursday night for eight television seasons. Both intelligent, successful, well respected, charming—why wouldn’t we trust them?

It’s hard to believe they’re actually monsters, if not sick puppies at the very least.

I’m not the only woman who believed they were the “good guys.” If you don’t know who I’m talking about then your computer, television and radio are broken. Oh, and your newspaper subscription has expired.

I consider myself a pretty good judge of character and my “creep-o-meter” is seldom far off the mark. Yet I didn’t sense anything but trustworthy. Up until recently, Bill Cosby was ranked as the #3 most trusted celebrity in America. He’s since dropped 2,615 spots.

As for Jian Ghomeshi? I listened to him daily. I respected him and usually agreed with his opinion on a variety of topics. I even encouraged a friend to go out with him! She didn’t. Thank… god.

I have to wonder what happened to make them this way. You know that something happened. Somewhere along the way an incident or prolonged exposure to something dark or painful twisted them away from” normal”, decent, healthy or whatever.

Despite what happened to them in their formative years, what they are inflicting upon others now is not okay. More than that, it’s humiliating, hurtful, horrible, hateful…

I feel for the women and families affected, but selfishly it’s not them who fill me with worry and dread.

What about my girl? She’s beautiful, inside and out. She’s kind and loving and completely naive. She could easily fall prey to a monster disguised as a man.

How do I teach her to be wary when her eyes only see the good and her heart is always wide open?

How do we protect our daughters?! Especially our ‘special’ girls who are even more vulnerable?

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin 


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