Why We Got A Cat When I’m Not A Cat Person

^What people said when I told them we were getting a cat ^

A) We have reasons.
B) Correct, I’m a dog person. Cats are pretty weird.
C) You can never have too many pets, can you? Wait. Cat horders. I suppose you can.
D) I am a little allergic—hives, scratchy throat, red eyes swollen eyes, sneezy allergic.

So WHY get a cat??!!

Because. Her.


Our girl likes loves animals. Dogs, cats, anything with fur.

Or without fur even. RIP Ernie. We miss you tremendously.




When she grows up I imagine she’ll choose a vocation involving animals. Perhaps she’ll work as a vet tech? Or at a vet clinic or animal shelter in some capacity—greeting clients, feeding and grooming the animals. How perfect would that be? When she’s a bit older, I plan to help her set up and run a pet sitting or dog walking business.

The way I see it, Avery’s passion is clear. So if we can do anything to help her gain the experience to guide her along that path, shouldn’t we?



So this leads us to our cat… KEVIN.

My friend was telling us about her cousin’s cat, the original Kevin. RIP to you too Kevin the 1st. (He’s probably in heaven chasing Ernie.) and Avery heard the name and loved it. So, Kevin the orange tabby it is.

He’s curious and cuddly and a little bit cheeky. I’m smitten with this kitten. It turns out I actually AM a cat person. Who knew? And one allergy pill a day and my hives are held at bay. It’s worth it.

Where did Kevin come from? 

A perk of having a sister in law who’s a vet. She’s truly the cat’s meow. Doctor Fraser rescued Kevin from a shelter, nursed him to health, neutered him and fostered him until he was big enough to be handled by an enthusiastic eight year old.

My poor brother took the brunt of Kevin’s enthusiastically wild sharp-nailed pouncing for the several weeks Kevin lived with them.

When our mom asked him on the phone what little Kevin was like my brother said (while dressing a particularly deep scratch), “This cat is nuts. He has no fear, feels no pain, he’s all over the place, and he gets into everything. Oh my god, he’s the cat version of Avery! Good luck to them with that!”

He’s right. Kevin is a little stinker.


And he IS the purrfect match for his new cat mama—both Avery and Kevin are always in search of a good time.

When I told my husband my brother warned we’d have our hands full with the “feline Avery,” he clearly took it to heart because the next morning he woke up and said, “I dreamed we went to pick up Kevin but your brother was a cat. Like, a giant man cat.”

Of course he then demonstrated my brother Mike walking around meowing and banging into walls. I laughed until my stomach hurt and then of course I made this.


Mike…. um, we need to talk about Kevin.* Wait, forget Kevin, let’s talk about YOU man cat. I can’t stop laughing. I hope I didn’t hurt your felines posting this joke at your expense but… LOLOLOL!



*Every time my brother phoned me while Kevin was residing with them he’d say,”Lisa we need to talk about Kevin.” And we’d laugh. Because we’re both total idiots and easily amused.

FYI –  My sister in law had never heard of the movie “We Need To Talk About Kevin” so out of context, it didn’t make sense and she thought we were weird.

Know who else is weird? Kevin.


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