2 smart ways to keep kids with special needs safer


Children wander. Some more often and farther than others…

If I could microchip my daughter like a pet, I would. Wait, can I?! Our cat has a teeny chip the size of a grain of rice between his shoulder blades. If he’s found far from home, the finder will be able to return him to us. Mental note: ask sister in law the vet to micro chip Avery.

Children with special needs may have trouble identifying themselves or asking for help. My daughter doesn’t know her phone number or address so I ordered this bracelet for her from Etsy. It’s stainless steel so she can wear it 24/7. My cell number is on the reverse side so if she wanders (just typing it makes me queasy) she’ll be more easily “returned to owner.”



When we’re out and about—visiting a theme park, hiking, playing at the park or taking a walk in the city, Avery wears a GPS fob. My friend gave us this one by T R I P LE  C


The funky fashion forward fob is synced with your iPhone which allows you to locate your most valuable possessions (computer, pet…and yes, even your child!)

You can also specify a perimeter. For example, if Avery wanders more than 100 ft away from me an alarm will sound on my phone. I’m definitely not suggesting that technology should replace responsible parenting, but extra proactive measures in place gives me peace of mind. Ask any parent of a wanderer and they’ll nod enthusiastically in agreement.

If choking is a concern, use a chain with a break-away clasp.

*Disclosure. This post is NOT sponsored in any way. No moola has been exchanged. This is simply good info to share. We special needs advocates gotta have each others backs. Right? 

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