Kids These Days….

Our little girl turned eight last week. Eight, not eighteen, but from her recent behaviour the line is somewhat fuzzy.

First we caught her hot tubbing in mixed company. Don’t let the water wings fool you, she’s a wild woman.

Later that night we found her elbows deep in coins, playing the slots, drinking (apple juice) like a sailor on leave.


Then we spotted her wandering around Chicago, coffee in hand (she was probably exhausted from a late night of gambling) mixing with the locals and painting the town red.


The next thing we knew, she was on her first date playing coy. Ha! It’s a ruse. She’s such a cheeky little monkey—I’m sure I spotted her playing footsies under the table. Kids these days…


Kidding aside, Avery has grown up so much this year. SO. MUCH. Things we never imagined she’d be able to do, she’s doing like a boss.

Running, turning a perfect somersault, swimming, talking a blue streak, traveling—the girl knows how to pack a suitcase and has a wanderlust to rival that of any explorer. As for dating, she really did meet her “boyfriend” in Chicago —a  sweet ‘younger man’ who up until now, we’ve only known over the internet.  Finally meeting J. and his family in person was a true pleasure and we look forward to watching this friendship grow in the years to come. And, I wasn’t actually kidding about the footsies….


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