Never Say Never—A Story About Very Special Athletes


We were told that it wasn’t likely our daughter would ever walk on her own without some kind of assistance.

Doctors made this assumption based on what is known about her faulty DNA. Considering the significant chunk of genetic material missing from Chromosome 3 (3P Deletion Syndrome), this was a fair assumption.

But you know what they say when we assume… “it makes an ASS out of U and ME.”

So we try to never assume—and more importantly, to never say never. 

This spring Avery attended the 27th annual Special Athletes Track & Field Meet in our school district. There were 280 athletes in attendance, plus teachers, support workers and teary eyed parents. Each athlete was allowed to bring along one ambassador to help them. Avery chose her eleven year old brother.

Sebastian wanted to be there, but he was scheduled to represent his school at his own track meet. In the end, and on his own, he decided to accompany his sister. He said he wanted to cheer her on. And boy did he ever.

We are so grateful to the mother who started this special event 27 years ago and to all of the volunteers who make it happen every year.

What a truly special day.

Watch this…


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