Are You Resilient?


My mother often cuts out stories for me from the newspaper or sends interesting online snippets from her iPad. 

I don’t always have time to read them. What? I’m busy (I could sense my mum’s eyes rolling the second I typed the B word).I read this particular article right away. Not only is it full of truth and inspiration, it also describes my SUPERWOMAN aunt Jan perfectly. If you looked up resilient in the dictionary, you would see her smiling and determined face looking back at you square in the eye.

After reading the article I wondered, am I resilient: hardy, airy, easy-going, quick to snap back, flexible?

Some days I know I am. Other days I know I absolutely am not.

Here are the main points from the article in case you don’t have someone sending you interesting articles to read on the daily like this one called—

The 5 Characteristics of Incredibly Resilient People by Smita Malhotra. Read the full story here.

Resilient people…

1) practice mindfulness 
I try to be mindful, but then I get distracted by all of the other pressing things swirling around my mind. Mindfulness is hard.

2) don’t compare themselves to others
I don’t think I used to do this. Much. I blame “living life online” for a recent and rather slippery slide into a sick and twisted “Keeping Up With The Jones'” mentality.

3) understand that after every big setback is an even bigger transformation
I get that. Though sometimes it’s hard to see the bigger picture and imagine coming out the other side while you’re actually IN IT. 

4) find humour in everything
Thank god for an ample funny bone. It’s in my genes. Wait? I have a funny bone in my jeans, what? And you thought I was just happy to see you.

5) do not try to control their lives 
Hahahahahaha! Seriously? Not only do I try to control MY life, I attempt to control everyone and everything around me. In a most helpful and humorous way of course. 😉 

How resilient are you? 

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