You Say Santa, I Say Satan. Potayto, Potahto..


While the kids are out of the house today, I’m putting on my Santa hat. Actually, it’s more of a Satan hat to be honest. I’m pms-y and not in a festive frame of mind. I just cracked open a bag of Ruffles so things should improve once I ingest enough sodium.

I’m trying to take advantage of the kid-free environment by wrapping ALL of the Christmas gifts. The thing is, I’ve hidden them all over the house and need to retrace my steps to find them. This would be funny except the pms-thing. I should really suck it up. I mean, Christmas is coming for Christ’s sake. Literally. hahaha.  Ok, that made me laugh.  Ahhh, the sodium must be kicking in.

I love really do love Christmas. Everything about it. Minus the busy mall parking lots. Despise.

This year is especially exciting since my youngest “gets” Santa for the first time. I asked her this morning, “Who’s coming soon?”

She answered, “My grandma?” Well, yes. She’ll be coming.

“But who else? Is Santa coming?” “Yessssss!” she exclaimed. “He bring pwezents.” Ahhh. You got that right girlfriend.  Budget be dammed. Santa is bringing you and your brother a pant load of presents. Which…I need to wrap right now.

Happy wrapping everybody! May your cello tape be plentiful and the paper cuts minor.

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