The Case Of The Over-Acting Hands

As you may know, our family had an elf living with us for the month of December. He was sent from the North Pole to keep an eye on things and to report back to Santa. Outside of a small altercation with the tooth fairy, things went smoothly and we were sad to see him leave us on Christmas Eve.

We said our goodbyes and took comfort in knowing that we’ll see Quacky again next December. Our elf visitor took a seat beside the cookies and milk to wait for Santa to retrieve him.

What happened next was truly astounding. We set the laptop webcam on record and went to bed. This is the incredible footage the children saw Christmas morning…Click Here: Santa’s Visit

The kids were floored! Our son’s reaction was priceless. It nearly brought me to tears. Ah, to be young and to believe…

That brilliant performance was given by my talented bro-in-law. Julian, thank you for making such a sweet memory for our kids (and for eating 16 cookies in the process).

Julian had to step in because my husband, who came up with the video idea, could NOT perform without causing us to collapse in fits of laughter. The man can’t stop himself from hamming it up. God I love that guy. Here’s his “expressive” performance. Please note the over-acting going on with his hands. Hysterical. Click Here: Santa’s hesitant yet reflective hands.

Merry Christmas everyone! May you laugh and love and joyously over-act this holiday season. xo


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