I love everything about traveling; the logistics and planning ahead, stumbling upon something new and unexpected, exploring the unknown. I used to travel a lot in my single days. It was carefree and liberating. Those days seem to be over now. At least until our children are older. Taking a trip with kids is a lot different than traveling solo. There’s a whole new set of concerns and elements to consider. As we drove along the highway this summer on our family vacation, I had time to reflect (thank god for dvd players and stacks of Disney movies) about my favourite trip of all. It was an experience that both terrified and thrilled me. It was one of those soul changing, life shaping adventures that you never forget.

This post is more of a personal scrapbook page than an actual blog entry, so please excuse the indulgence. I wanted to preserve some of my favourite pictures online…just in case. As I was looking through my old travel albums, I came across a poem I wrote. It’s corny and an amateur effort, but it makes me smile.

Here it is….with pictures.

Oh What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been ~ The Grateful Dead
Oh what a long strange trip it’s been, seven countries we’ve been in.
Hong kong, Thailand, Kathmandu,
Every day brought something new.
We trekked the Himalayan way,
Giving all who passed a “Namaste.”



Annapurna standing tall,
Was worth the effort all in all.




Then to India on a bus,
Truly a ride through hell for us.



Crossed the border and we were there,
Couldn’t believe it…we were WHERE??
Sunrise on the Ganges, the majestic marble Taj.
Our day at Agra fort with our curious entourage.
Across the dessert on camel back,
Many the train ride, clickety, clack.

Dirty little faces. Laugh. Cry.
A voice rings out calling, “Chai, chai.”
Then violent tension, an escalation,
Straight to Goa, no hesitation.


What went wrong? This was insane.
So much hatred, fear and blame.
Arrived in the south and all was quiet,
India. Magnificent. I can’t deny it.
I’m so glad I went. I don’t regret it.
A “bouquet of experience,”
I’ll never forget it.


Malaysia Air from here to there,
To meet our fourth, KL is where.
Penang, then North, Bangkok, Chiang Mai.
White Karen, Mau, Shan Hill Tribes.



Koh Phangan in a turquoise sea,
Under a full moon, ever so free.
Then Singapore, so clean, it’s true.
“Oohed and ahhed” at the spectacular zoo.
Then Indonesia, the last of seven.
Tanning, shopping, simply heaven.
The happiest, friendliest people on earth.
Where all the Aussies come to surf.


There’s always much to see and do,
Out for the night at Koala Blue.
But now it’s over, the adventure ends.
The end of a journey for four special friends.



Living, learning, laughter, tears.
We’ve seen it, done it, the Four Musketeers.
In my mind I’ll live relive these moments again.
Oh what a long, strange trip it’s been.


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