Chicken Shark

I write hundreds of posts every week.  Unfortunately, about 99 of them are in my head and never make it from there to here. I’m not making excuses (yes I am) but I’ve been busy. And forgetful.  By the time I sit down at the computer at night, the stellar blog posts created in my brain during the day have evaporated.  Sometimes they come back to me, but mostly not (clearly evident by the drivel that is unfolding before you right about now).

This week I rebuilt my blog in WordPress, which is a sleeker, more user-friendly blogging format.  All I need to do now is transfer these Blogger posts over and figure out how to redirect this address over there. I guess I’ll have to watch yet another online tutorial.

And why exactly am I doing this when I have a million other things on the go? It’s not like it’s urgent or that the format I write in makes a difference.  This past few weeks has been stressful.  So stressful I haven’t been able to write about it all yet.  And when I’m stressed, I need to keep moving.  I’m like a shark.  Just keep swimming, keep on swimming.  If I stop, even for a moment, I could drown and I’ve heard drowning is a terrible way to go. So to avoid that fate I’ve organized the living hell out of my office, my hall closet, the kid’s rooms and the basement. I redid my wardrobe, planned two parties, wrote posts for my YummyMummy blog and of course, dove head first into WordPress.

Hopefully I’ll make the blog switch this weekend.

But I’m a big fat chicken.

I’m a chicken shark.

See what happens when you don’t write for awhile? You come up with little gems like chicken shark.  Clearly, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  Maybe I can get it back in WordPress? Or not.  At least it’s prettier over there.

On a final note, what goes “Da-na…da-na-da-na…boc?” A chicken shark. Oh dear god. I’m going to bed.  There will be none of this nonsense over at WordPress. None. Well, maybe a little.


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