Family Hairstory


Avery’s mane of wavy blonde hair was a long time coming, but now at seven years old, her crowning glory is fierce and fabulous.

To prevent glue and lunch and sand and small birds and whatever else from getting stuck in her hair during the day, I tie it back or braid it every morning. I won’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent on You Tube trying to master the fishtail braid

The other morning I was running way behind. As I was frantically throwing lunches together I could hear the kids upstairs brushing their teeth.

“Stay still Avery,” I heard my son say to his sister. “Okay now look. How’s that?” he asked her.

“Wow… I booootiful!” Avery announced.

She came downstairs proudly sporting a messy but awesome ponytail ala her brother (the elastic basically fell out before Avery reached the kitchen).

“Maybe you should give me a ponytail lesson? In case you’re sick or away or something so I know how to do Avery’s hair for school.”

Aw Sebastian. You’re mummy’s hairo. xo

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