Easy Snowman Hairstyle

I’m terrible at doing my own hair. I can barely manage a simple ponytail. I’m not much better at styling my daughter’s hair, but she loves sporting fun buns and curious coifs so…. I do my best. 

And no word of a lie, if I can do this, you can too!

We did this snowman style in under five minutes before school this morning. 

The only thing you need to prep ahead of time is the snowman decorations. I’m not especially crafty (as you’ll see) so our snowman looks pretty dishevelled. I’m actually shocked he survived the full school day. 

*Note: I didn’t have any ribbon or enough felt to tie a scarf, so I pinned a scarf to Frosty’s neck. Not a great look, but it did in a pinch. If you’re crafty, you can make cute decorations. I’m not only “craft challenged” I’m also pretty lazy, so I deconstructed an ornament from our Christmas tree and bam! Snowman adornments. 

Here’s a step-by-step Snowman Hair how-to:

** I am not the creator of this hairstyle. I saw it on Pinterest (isn’t that where we find EVERYTHING good?) and decided to try it. It turned out okay for somebody in a rush who is generally all thumbs. But, if you want to see how great it is supposed to look, visit Babes In Hairland! This mama is amazing and she gets full hairstyle cred! Also, her decorations are fantastic…. her snowman even has arms! **

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