She’s Da (photo) Bomb…

It took a few years before my daughter was invited to a birthday party, but once she attended her first, she couldn’t get enough. The balloons, the colourfully wrapped gifts, the kids happily playing and laughing, and of course the birthday cake.

Avery is hopelessly smitten with parties.

And for some reason she thinks every celebration is all about her. I have no idea who she gets that from. Ahem…clearly the party animal doesn’t fall from from the tree. *I’ve never fallen from an actual tree, but I did get stuck in one after climbing too high on a dare. I had to be rescued. In retrospect I wish I hadn’t been wearing a skirt.

Last weekend we helped our friends M and J celebrate their sixth birthday. We partied. Hard. Some of us even partook in a little photo bomb action…

Of course this wasn’t the first birthday photo bombing incident. There was this one too.  *Note the teeny finger print in the icing…”somebody” just couldn’t resist fondling the fondant. Aw, that’s my girl. 🙂

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