Special Needs — Learning the Lingo

There are universal no-nos that need no explanation. Like the R-Word for instance. We don’t use it. Ever. And telling a parent that you’re so glad not to be in their shoes. Go there and you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a knuckle sandwich.

This isn’t a lecture. Truly. Unless you’re living this life, how are you expected to know? So just in case you’re unaware, there is also this distinction…

“Is your child Special Needs?” versus “Does your child have special needs?”

There is a significant difference.

It’s important to identify that our daughter has needs which require special attention since they pose safety risks. Also, by identifying her particular needs, we can focus on areas of her development which require special modifications.

But is she Special Needs? No. She’s Avery. She is who she is.

Her special needs obviously exist, but they don’t define her.

My daughter loves her family and her friends, she adores animals, and she is friendly and affectionate. She doesn’t like soup, but she loves chili. She likes the colour pink and riding her scooter and climbing at the park.

She’s an ordinary kid with an extraordinary set of DNA.

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