Mad Family Love


We recently went out for a family brunch and a lovely time was had by all, or so we thought…

After looking through the photos it seems one member of our merry band was somewhat dissatisfied. Could it be she was disgruntled after being told she was not allowed to stick her head directly under the chocolate fountain, despite the fact that her mother did that very thing several years before at a wedding? What? I was dared to do it. Or perhaps eating a spicy pepper, mistaken for a tomato was causing ill feelings? Or maybe being forced to sit still for more than ten minutes was more than she could bear?

Whatever the reason, this is the photographic evidence that *somebody* in our party was a little on the grumpy side. Funny, because she’s usually the happiest of the bunch.

*My father-in-law is absent from this pic because he was taking the photo…

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