Ruby the Catty Bunny

If you have young children you’ve likely been subjected to Max and Ruby. You’ve also obviously wondered, where their parent are. I always assumed they were killed trying to hop across the interstate.
*Update 2017recent episodes of the show now include mom and dad rabbit! They hopped into the show after their mysterious five year absence. I’d love to know how creator Rosemary Wells feels about this rabbit resurrection. In past interviews she’s said, “We don’t see Max and Ruby’s parents because I believe that kids resolve their issues and conflicts differently when they’re on their own.” Maybe Wells is cool with this. Or perhaps this is the shows producers caving into PC pressures? Very curious…

The other day as my daughter sat watching the show her older brother was nearby researching bird calls with his new Bird Watchers App. He’d been asking for it for months. I finally relented and now live in a constant state of, “Is that a bird in my house?! No, it’s just the app. Man that sounds real. Oh my god, maybe there IS a bird in my house?! ”

While he was busy with his virtual flock, my daughter enjoyed her favourite Max and Ruby episode—Louise’s Secret. I used to chuckle because I had a friend named Louise and I’d say, “Ha! I bet Louise has a few secrets!” It was funny until Louise and I had a falling out. Now the episode is more of a painful reminder than a chuckle really.

Anyway, in this episode Louise has a secret to tell Ruby over the phone, but Max keeps interrupting with his obnoxiously loud toys (how Ruby never loses her sh*t on him, I don’t know). Ruby finally gives up and goes to listen on the upstairs phone, but Max hangs up before she gets to hear the secret.

Ruby is clearly disappointed about missing the juicy tidbit. Admittedly, I am too. Seriously, with all the build up it was bound to be something pretty scandalous. (I’m clearly suffering from Real Housewives withdrawal).

At the end of the episode Avery said, “No secret. Ruby sad.”

Her brother looked up from his birds and said, “Well, they shouldn’t have been gossiping in the first place.

Oooh, snap! He’s been listening to his mama rant about ‘toxic gossip’ and a recent Karma Kleanse. Guess I’d better be careful what I say around that boy; it’s not just birds he’s watching… 

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