Random Personal Epiphanies Of 2011

* Some days I’m way more talk than walk.

* When will I actually learn that I need more sleep?

* We care about what others think about us, even if we say we don’t.

* Thinking about doing something kind for someone isn’t that same as actually doing it.

* Low rise jeans are drafty and uncomfortable.

* I worry more than the average person.

* I don’t drink enough water.

* I’m sick of the Jones’ and no longer care what they have (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway).

* Family is everything.

* I have a very real addiction to carbohydrates.

* I am a loser. Literally – I physically lose at least two items per week.

* If I can spare $10 for a bottle of wine, I can buy surely buy “expensive” vitamins.

* Children hear every word you say…even if you think they’re not listening.

* I’m the most disorganized organized person on earth.

* I cry more when I’m happy than I do when I’m sad.

* I can fluctuate significantly between insecure and wildly over-confident in the same day.

* I spend too much time fussing with my hair. I should save myself the trouble and just buy cute hats.

* I’m horrible with money.

* I talk more than I listen.

* I curse too much. Like, way too f*cking much. 

* Multi-tasking hurts my brain. I can’t do it.

* I’m really good at making excuses and believing them. 

* Unless I have a written schedule (housekeeping, errands, work tasks, etc.) I’m completely lost.

* I make snap judgements that are often incorrect. 

* I really enjoy making lists. Obviously.

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