Hoarders – Backpack Edition

A bill to be paid, a roll of tape, marbles, the dog’s food dish, a stick of lip balm, a brick of cheese—pretty much anything small enough to be stowed in a little girl’s pink backpack may go missing around here at any time.

Seems we have a backpack pack rat.

My girl enjoys squirreling away all kinds of things in her backpack and collecting items as she goes about her day.

At bedtime we enjoy a hilarious daily round of, “What’s In Avery’s Backpack?”

The game is simple—unload the bag and laugh uproariously at the contents of the day. Here’s what she collected yesterday:

sharp scissors (excellent parental supervision)
my bracelet
small jewelery box
the home phone
one pencil, one brown
pencil crayon
school binder
gold ribbon
one candy cane
one Franklin window decal
brother’s friend’s phone number on a sticky not
tube of 18 hour Cracked Heel
two pairs of 3D glasses
stuffed dog toy
assorted loose change and three marbles
foil “Happy Birthday” sign
one deflated whoopie cushion 

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