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Sometimes a word just fits. So what that you made it up and bastardized the English language in the process? If it gets your point across, does it really matter?

Here are few words spewed forth from my keyboard that aren’t in the dictionary, but fabsolutely should be! 

Blunderment: an awkward or embarrassing moment brought about by one’s own stupidity /“That fall in front of my child’s school was a blunderment of unspeakable proportions.”

Fabsolutely: an exceedingly enthusiastic, yet sincere “Yes!” response / “Would I like to spend a child free day at the spa? Fabsolutely!”

Manderpants: mens’ underwear, most often found inside-out on the bedroom floor / “I swear,if I find those manderpants on the floor one more time, I’ll stuff them up your nose.”

Sapimental: a sappy, sentimental feeling or display of emotion resulting from nostalgia;  often includes “happy tears” or the “laugh/sob” / “Pass me a tissue. I’m feeling a little sapimental today.”

Halloweiner: a husband who takes great pleasure from scaring innocent children on Halloween.  “I can’t believe you threw a severed leg at those kids! You are such a Halloweiner!” 

Commfitment: a vow to get fit, like, for REALS this time. “I have made a serious commfitment. Pick me up for Zumba ok? It’s too far to walk. Also, want to go for nachos after?”

No-phlegm-ber: a mother’s futile attempt to keep colds at bay when the first signs of winter hit. “Use a Kleenex! Wash your hands!! There are germs everywhere. No colds ok? Let’s make this November a Nophlegmber to remember!”

Hectivity: when your schedule is so overrun with tasks and activities, life becomes hectic.“I’m so overbooked. This week is rife with hectivity!”

Blubbergasted:combination of blubber and flabbergasted, meaning worn out due to being fat. “Mum, you look completely blubbergasted after swimming across the pool.” 

Miffitude: when you are so miffed about something it causes a detrimental shift in attitude. “Whoah! What’s with the sudden miffitude? I said I’d clean up later. Chill.” 

Have YOU coined a phrase or invented a word that wows? 

a stupid comment or action performed post chardonnay / “I’m trying to
figure out how to retract the ridrunkulous rogue email I sent last
Submitted by Dee

suggestments: combo of suggestions and comments / “I have no idea what to wear to the party. Suggestments anyone?” Submitted by Jenny V.

hairlarious: when you’re hair is such a mess, it’s funny / “I went to bed last with wet hair and work up with this hairlarious look.” Submitted by Peady

shman: a woman who looks very much like a man / “I swore that lady in the baseball hat was a man.” Submitted by my son. (who added, “If your nanny happens to look like a dude, she’s your “shmanny.”)

femiman: a man who carries a Chick Card  / “Can I come to your Girls’ Games Night if I promise to come as a femiman?” Submitted by my husband who really is one of the girls…in all the good ways.

halfie: you pose for a selfie with someone and just before you take the picture you turn the camera towards yourself cutting half of them out / “Hey! You took a Halfie and cut me out of the photo you narcissistic goof.” Invented by my hilarious brother-in-law Julian.

Have words you love (or hate?) Check outVerbose Vendredi!

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