Minding My Own Small Business

The business of starting a small business gives me a thrill.  I’m teased mercilessly by friends and family
who have christened me, “Queen of the Big Idea.” I’m thinking I should start a club with like minded idea lovers to discuss, you know, ideas. I could call it, Mensa and Margaritas. We would obviously have to have t-shirts made.
I just get so excited whenever an idea sparks. I become consumed by it. But, once the reality of the money and time required to take it to the next step sets in, the idea is filed away. And by file, I mean literally filed away in a file on my computer called, “Lisa’s Home Biz Ideas.” Each of these businesses-in-the-making has a name, logo and tag line in place. I didn’t go to business school, but I know you can’t start a business without a catchy logo in a cool font. Also, my business plans have cute icons and are in a pretty colour coded chart.
So, a “big idea” hasn’t taken off for me yet, but it will. And it will be huge, I tell you, huge. 

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