Juggles The Clown

It’s difficult being a juggler, keeping the balls and swords and flaming batons up in the air all at once. Lately, I’ve dropped most of the balls, been stabbed in the neck by an errant sword or two and my hair is currently aflame.

It’s difficult being a parent on the best of days. Is my child eating well enough, gaining enough, drinking enough, pooping enough? Sometimes I just have enough of the enoughs.

It’s difficult being the stay at home parent. I miss my job. I miss my old life. I feel guilty about that every day.

It’s difficult making time to do the things that are not mummy related. To set aside the toys, to put down the dust cloth and to take pleasure in something that makes you feel like someone other than a cook/housekeeper/nurse/playmate/teacher/safety officer/mother.

When I started this blog, its purpose was to document the birth of a home business – custom art for childrens’ rooms… PolkaDotGrove was a passion that both Sarah and I shared. She, because she is a true artist, in vision, talent and skill. Me? Mostly the vision part. I have ideas coming out the ying-yang. It’s the talent and skill that trips me up. I CAN do it. Give me a project and I’ll make it happen. The problem is, it happens SLOOOOOWWWWWLY. One small project takes me forever. So as disappointed as I was, I recently told Sarah that though I still heart PolkaDotGrove art and I’ll happily be her muse and idea gal any time, I simply don’t have the time to devote right now. My commitment is my kids. For now. Avery needs me now more than ever. Plus, my writing and blogging and Party Mummy-ing screams for my attention louder and louder these days.

So this blog, Motherhood In The Grove, originally an offshoot or “branch” of PolkaDotGrove no longer seems to fit. Therefore, I’m reworking this blog into something more relevant to my life in its current state.

One day, I may revisit Sarah in the grove and get all artsy with a polka dot vengeance, but for now, I’m going to focus on my life as a mummy and everything that involves – juggling poorly, monitoring children’s caloric intake obsessively, navigating the world of genetics confusedly and looking to the future optimistically.

I have a new title for this blog and a new design and layout in the works. I’ll be sure to announce when the transformation has been made.

Thanks for your continued support, your thoughtful comments and for making me feel less guilty for being such a crappy juggler. I finally understand the statement, “tears of a clown.” Juggling is damn hard!


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  • God you are a good writer and you are so talented. You inspire me as a parent, a writer, an artisan 😉 and as a friend.

    I can't wait to see the new look.

    Polka Dot Grove is ready and waiting whenever you want to dig your roots in again! It never would have started without you in the first place.


  • I am with you. Right there with you. There is never usually time for all the things we want to do in our lives, so finding the courage to set priorities (and stick to them) is really what counts.
    Looking forward to the new look!

  • I will be here to read your new blog when it's ready to be launched! It's so hard, the juggling. It's non-stop, it's all the time, it's so much stress and worry. It's no wonder I sometimes envy my friends who are not yet parents. Life was SIMPLE before kids. Now, it's the biggest blessing of all, but at the same time, the hardest job EVER. You are great at what you do. And everything will fall into place, you'll see. I always heard that once your youngest child is 5 years old, life gets more simple again! xo

  • I feel you honey, in so very many ways. Right now I'm juggling so much that I'm using my feet to just keep everything from falling. But you should be proud that you know your limits. I cannot say the same for myself. Things will get easier for you I'm sure. They have to right (I'm counting on it for myself). Good luck! Can't wait to see the new site!

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