The Ultimate Picky Eater

Parents often complain about their child’s picky eating. It’s common and it’s SO frustrating. You go to great lengths to make a nutritious and delicious meal and your ingrate of a child tosses the whole thing on the floor. It makes me crazy(er).

Avery is a picky eater to the extreme. On a pickiness scale from one to ten, she’s an eleventeen. I plan on buying this book asap ->

Not that it will likely help much in our particular situation, but at least I’ll have some laughs while cleaning spaghetti sauce off the wall and using a Tide stick to remove a blackberry stain from the canvas mat of a painting in our dining room. True story.

At three months of age Avery refused to nurse and we have struggled to feed her ever since. 

She was hospitalized at eight months of age for “Failure to Thrive” and was scheduled for g-tube surgery on four separate occasions. Due to illness, the surgeries were postponed. We ended up canceling the last scheduled procedure and got lucky; Avery started eating enough by mouth on her own to get by with out the tube. 

Three years later, Avery is still a skinny minny. She still drinks whole milk and eats a high fat diet. Funny enough, so do I. That would explain the muffin top…

We’ve tried EVERYTHING to get this child to eat. Grazing on small snacks instead of larger meals, sauces, fun plates, a “This and That Tray”.

We feed her or let her feed herself, depending on her mood. We’ve tried eating in front of t.v. (Gasp. But desperate times call for desperate measures). We also eat at the table as a family so we can model proper habits. Some days we’re successful. Other days it’s a dismal failure, but we keep trying. What else can you do?

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