Heads Up

Look up. See that pitiful header? No! Not YOUR head. You have a perfectly nice cranium. I love your hair by the way. I mean, look up at the top of this blog. The title header is making me crazy. I can not get the damn thing to stretch (that’s what he said) or at least appear in the centre. Is that too much to ask? Is it?? Ok, I’m getting a little shrill here. I hate when things are off kilter. I feel at ease when things are fully on kilter.

Is it really a big deal that the thing is off centre? It shouldn’t prevent me from continuing to write, especially since writing is therapeutic and calming.

So the header’s a little askew. Big deal. Deep breaths. Shake it off. Just shaaaaaake it off…

Bah! It’s no use. I won’t rest until my header is at it’s maximum length (again, that’s what he said).

Any blogger experts out there who know what my problem is? (ahem, by that I mean my blog problem…)

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