Smoothie Cereal For Picky Eaters


The only silver lining to being hit with a virus is possibly shedding a few unwanted pounds. Unless of course, you’re a teeny, at-the-bottom-of-the-growth-chart tyke like my little girl, who doesn’t have an ounce to spare. So when she’s sick, maintaining her hydration level and caloric intake is essential.

Two weeks ago she caught that nasty bronchial infection going around — cough, fever, no appetite, no energy. For a child who is a picky eater on a good day, getting her to eat when she’s unwell is a major struggle.

If only she would suck back a healthy smoothie. I’ve tried many times… unsuccessfully to entice her into enjoying a yogurty, fruity concoction served in fun glasses with funky straws. Total bust. Mind you… pitcher of untouched smoothie + coconut rum = a tasty caregiver cocktail. For later in the day. I do not drink Pina Colodas for breakfast. Or while getting caught in the rain.

Yesterday, I had a stroke of brilliance. It happens so rarely, I thought I’d share.

Avery loves her cereal so piggy backing on that, I replaced the milk with a calorie packed smoothie.


Yes. It does look like someone threw up in a cereal bowl. I assure you however, despite the bile-like appearance, it’s quite tasty — almond milk or coconut
milk/water, Greek yogurt and fruit (fresh pineapple, banana, berries,
pears and whatever other fruit is kicking around the fridge). 



Once the smoothie is mixed in with the cereal it looks a lot less vomitous and Avery loved it.

Thank god too because I was starting to run out of ideas.

I’d love to sneak in some protein and perhaps some mild tasting veggies. Fish oil or flax would provide a fabulous health punch, but the smell (even faint) makes Avery gag.

I asked my fab foodie friend Theresa Albert for a tip. She suggested adding a variety of nut butters. Protein, minerals, unsaturated fats, and antioxidants…brilliant. 

What else can I add? A protein powder? Greens+ powder of some kind? Is that even safe for kids?

I figure this is my one real shot to get a blast of nutrition into my little girl during the day since lunch and dinner are a disaster. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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