Ten Reasons Why I Don’t Deserve My Husband

10. He’s freakishly thoughtful. I often have my head up my arse, over-looking the little details, but he is ALL about the details. Why else would he deliberately choose a tie to coordinate with his daughter’s dress? I mean, what man does that?

9. Ten years of marriage and he can still make me laugh until my face hurts. He’s goofy and silly and witty. Nothing sexier than a man that can make you pee your pants laughing.

8. He cried when both our children were born. Not only that, he had a serious case of “Couvade Syndrome” during pregnancy *That’s the medical term for “Sympathetic Pregnancy Symptoms!” His back hurt, he kept me company in the weight gain department and near the end, had to get up to pee every night! I’m surprised his water didn’t break!

7. If my girlfriends aren’t around, I can just as easily have a “Girl’s Night” with hubby. Chick flick, salty snacks, a good chat about whatever topic. He’s a true bosom buddy.

6. He gives great feedback. If I’m iffy about a creative idea or a project, he’s eager to help. I tease him about his artistic/decor lovin’ flair, but he’s a good dude to have around. It’s like having my own personal designer guy, but with benefits! (i.e. he’ll bathe the kids!).

5. He’s an amazing parent. So much more “hands-on” than I am. If we lived on the Love Boat, he’d be a Gopher/Julie Macoy combo – goofy, but armed with all sorts of fun games on the Lido deck. I’d be all Captain Stubing, just focusing on steering the damn ship. I have to remember just let the dishes stack up and play a game of shuffle board now and then.

4. He’s proud of me and tells me so. He tells other people too.

3. He thinks I’m beautiful even when I’m a bloated, bitchy monster.

2. He’s a dreamer. Though I mock him daily about this, I love it about him. His optimism balances out my pessimism. It”s all very ying and yang.

1. He never complains, gossips or says a mean word about anyone….EVER! wtf?? He’s saint to my sinner. He tolerates my trucker mouth, the burping, the mood swings and all of my other not-so-pleasant character flaws. I know I probably don’t deserve him, but I think I’m starting to grow on him. XO


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