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Digital Tools To Help ALL Students Achieve Success

Digital Tools To Help ALL Students Achieve Success

Recently someone tagged me on Twitter, attacking me for my lies relating to the current state of our school system. I was shocked, but then I laughed uproariously when I realized this outraged woman had confused me, Lisa Thornbury, with the Ontario Minister of Education, Lisa Thompson. As I respectfully corrected her mistake, several tweeps suggested I take the other Lisa T’s place. Well thank you, but I don’t certainly have the stomach or the thick skin required for politics. However, if I did assume the role of Minister of Education there are a number of things I would do. And undo. The list is lengthy, but I’d start by making education an actual priority and begin on the front lines by offering teachers much needed support. Have you ever volunteered in a classroom? Ever go on a field trip or do homework with your child? If so, you know that teaching is not for the faint of heart. However, it’s our goal as a society to equip students with the skills needed to become functional adults. So, we need to support teachers in every way possible so they can teach.  What should we do? We can support teachers by[…]

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