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Resolve to Resolve—It’s Not The End Of The World

Resolve to Resolve—It’s Not The End Of The World

I NEVER make new year resolutions. And with that staunch declaration,here are my new year resolutions: 1.  Never say never.  Facebook is currently flooded with warnings about how resolutions set up you to fail. Whether it’s called goal setting, or a creating a “life plan”, or just zeroing in on areas to improve upon, I’m making some adjustments this year. Nothing earth shattering. Just a few means to a more happy, healthy, successful end. Why now? Why not? 2. Get my pre-bed routine down from infinity to five minutes or less. 3. Walk more, drive less. 4. Deal with that thing that’s been getting in my way. 5. Gather up the nerve and ask her to be my mentor. 6. Eat more vegan, less “ish.” 7. Can it! As in, my mum and I are going to can fresh veggies. We’ve already created a Pinterest board so we’re well on our way. 8. Drink more water, less fermented grapes. It’s not that I think booze is bad, but there comes a time when you have to wonder how your liver is holding up. 9. Take better photos and back them up. 10. Leave my iPhone in the charger downstairs at[…]

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