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Let’s Partner
Take Heed Neighbour! Don’t Get Burned!
On The Eve Of Your Wedding…
Resolve to Resolve—It’s Not The End Of The World

Let’s Partner

Lisa Thornbury is a former Toronto elementary school teacher, turned lifestyle, parenting, and special needs advocate blogger and freelance writer. She provides original and syndicated content for online magazines and websites, and puts her weight behind social media programs.


Please Note: Lisa rarely speaks in the third person in real life. Lisa thinks referring to herself in the third person is weird. Though, Lisa isn’t completely adverse to weird. 

Areas of expertise…
  • Articles for online and print media.
  • Content created specifically for your website or program.
  • Ghost writing. It’s not as scary as it sounds.
  • Product/service reviews published on my blog or your website. 
  • Sponsored social posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Relatable voice and attention to detail.
  • Sometimes I’m funny. FYI—I swear a lot while I’m working, but curse words only make it into my writing when it’s a  f*cking integral part of the story. 

In case you’re bored, here’s more about me…


As well as managing a popular blog of my own, I create unique and colourful content for numerous websitesnand social media channels. My creative style lends itself well to a social climate where readers are drawn to humour, integrity and transparency. 

I enjoy witty social banter and I’m well versed in the complexities of the social media landscape. I understand how to effectively share your brand’s message in this dynamic digital space. 

Somewhat Relevant:

  • I live near Toronto with my husband, two children, a fat orange cat, and a sassy Yorkie. 
  • I have degrees in Anthropology and Sociology from McMaster University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Education from The University of Maine.
  • Sometimes I miss teaching, but then I go on a field trip with my daughter’s class and I get over it pretty quick. 

Irrelevant but a good time killer if you’re reading this on your phone waiting for a bus:

Take Heed Neighbour! Don’t Get Burned!

I love snuggling up beside our gas fireplace during the winter. It’s the coziest. However, ever since the incident when our daughter backed up into the hot glass and scorched her leg, the unit has sat cold and flameless. Avery is now nine and she understands the concept of “danger” and “don’t touch that” and “it’s hot” so it’s safe to turn the gas back on and fire it up! When we flipped the switch this season, nothing happened. It’s was all very anti-climatic. My husband examined the fireplace innards which involved head scratching, random grunting noises, followed by some cursing—fun to watch, but not effective in terms of igniting my flame. My man is a lot of awesome things. A fireplace repairman is not one of them. On this quest for fire I hired a company take a look. The service guy arrived promptly and was polite and seemed efficient. He removed a decade’s worth of nasty spider webs and crud from the fireplace and cleaned the glass on the door. I paid for him to do this not knowing how easy it is to do myself. Dammit. He claimed the pilot assembly part was corroded and pointed to[…]

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On The Eve Of Your Wedding…

You are getting married tomorrow!! Holy *$%#!! Yesterday you were just a little thing, sitting on your big cousin’s lap… my tweed-gaucho-pant-lap. Let’s not even discuss the neon Aztec print sweater and banana clipped spiral perm. And now you’re all grown up, soon to be a bride. It breaks my heart that I’m not going to be there, Kels. But you know how thrilled we are for you and we’ll wing our way there one day. So put a shrimp on the barbie and have a few roos and crocs on standby for our arrival. I’m over the moon that both you and your sis have found such amazing partners—I couldn’t have handpicked better for you—kind, funny as hell, outdoorsy, super handsome—these guys are the full package. And it goes without saying how lucky they are to have found you. While we may not be there in person to watch you walk down the aisle, we’re cheering you on with so much joy and excitement as you venture down this life path—such a sweet path paved with so much love. And with that, here are a few words about this life contract called marriage—from my experience anyway. 1. Grandma Fraser[…]

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Resolve to Resolve—It’s Not The End Of The World

I NEVER make new year resolutions. And with that staunch declaration,here are my new year resolutions: 1.  Never say never.  Facebook is currently flooded with warnings about how resolutions set up you to fail. Whether it’s called goal setting, or a creating a “life plan”, or just zeroing in on areas to improve upon, I’m making some adjustments this year. Nothing earth shattering. Just a few means to a more happy, healthy, successful end. Why now? Why not? 2. Get my pre-bed routine down from infinity to five minutes or less. 3. Walk more, drive less. 4. Deal with that thing that’s been getting in my way. 5. Gather up the nerve and ask her to be my mentor. 6. Eat more vegan, less “ish.” 7. Can it! As in, my mum and I are going to can fresh veggies. We’ve already created a Pinterest board so we’re well on our way. 8. Drink more water, less fermented grapes. It’s not that I think booze is bad, but there comes a time when you have to wonder how your liver is holding up. 9. Take better photos and back them up. 10. Leave my iPhone in the charger downstairs at[…]

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