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Fall Is For Falling

Fall Is For Falling

It seems my daughter’s inability to remain bipedal correlates with the season. It’s fall and boy has she fallen a lot this month. Off her bike onto the sidewalk, onto her head on the hardwood floor (probably didn’t help that she was sitting on an exercise ball on the couch at the time), in the grocery store, at the library, off the climber at the park and today, down the last four stairs face first onto the ceramic tile. Bruises, bumps and scrapes — nothing phases this tough kid. She falls and gets right back up. This temporary lapse in balance is likely the result of a growth spurt and her complete disregard for danger. I know it will pass — hopefully soon. In the meantime we struggle to keep her safe while still allowing her the freedom she so desperately craves. I’m tempted to put her in one of those inflatable sumo suits or wrap her from head-to-toe in protective bubble wrap. But that’s not the answer. Or is it? Would it be wrong to encase her in foam or follow behind her with a fluffy pillow or a giant catcher’s mitt? The best we can do is keep[…]

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