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Cloudy With A Chance Of Toilet Water Rain

Cloudy With A Chance Of Toilet Water Rain

No matter what you do, or how “good” you are, sometimes you can’t escape the black cloud hanging over your head. Have you seen my house? It’s the one with the dark cumulus cloud hovering just above the roof line. Let me preface this by saying, life is good. It’s really good. Everyone gets caught in the rain now and then. Sometimes the bad luck comes down in torrents. Other times it’s just a quick spritz and you don’t even need to blow dry your bangs. It’s been a raining intermittently on us for a few weeks now. First my dad was in hospital. He’s fine. But it was stressful. Then my father-in-law was rushed to emergency. Twice. That scenario, though it ended well, was frightening and upsetting. Then only a few days before our trip to Disney World (our FIRST FAMILY VACATION EVER) my husband was in a car accident. I already had significant anxiety around my dear spouse commuting on the fast and narrow highway that connects our home in the burbs to his work in the city. Every morning I must say, (must as in, it’s a compulsion) “Drive carefully” as he leaves or I fear for his[…]

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