Dumb Things Are Funny When You’re Over-Tired

As parents of young children, my husband and I don’t get out much. So when we do go out and stay up past lights out, we pay for it the next day. My parents looked after the kids just last weekend so we could go out and whoop it up.

We whooped and were thusly pooped. When my parents dropped the kids home the next day, Adrian and I were two lumps of meat on the couch. Of course, they were all busting with energy. My parents even brought over a new laser machine cat toy thingy for the cat. Kevin wasn’t “feline” it but our daughter was. She kept trying to look into the laser beam. Um…..no. I prefer my children have fully intact retinas. Thanks for the gift, but it had to go back.

While we zombies sat on the couch with absolutely zero perceptible movement, minus the occasional eye blink, Avery pulled at my mum to go downstairs to play, while my dad struggled to get the large cat toy back into its tiny box.

For some reason our son took this video of the action and you can hear my dad mumbling, “I’ll just uh….” as he fought with the box in the kitchen. This fight—man against box—as you can clearly hear in the video, is one he lost.

Is it funny? Probably not to you. But the sound of my mum groaning to get up off couch, the leathery seat creaking in protest (let’s not sugar coat things here—it has a distinctly flatulent tone) and my dad’s cat-cophony in the background was just too much for our over-tired brains to process. I have never seen Adrian laugh so hard (like, in tears) watching/listening to it afterwards.

Life is definitely funnier when you’re sleep deprived.

Exhibit A: the video evidence…”Crash, Boom, Ha!”

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