Yell At Your Own Kid, Not Mine


My “Karma Cleanse” is complete. For the most part I was able to avoid the gossip (pretty much) and negativity around me. But now that it’s over, may I just say…


My head nearly exploded keeping that in last week. 

I’m not a yeller. I’m more of a cool glance, slow and low toned speech kinda gal. When my kids are in trouble, they get the message loud and clear; no shouting required. This is how I choose to discipline. However, if you find raising your voice works, then go for it.

But you yelling at my child (lady at the splash pad!) is not cool. 

On the weekend our family went to a local park to enjoy the beautiful day and the cool misty water park. My son, a tall boy, was standing behind a shield you can turn, aim and fire water from at passersby. A smaller kid was actually controlling the shield and the water trigger. Like I said, my guy was merely standing behind it. I know this because I was watching from the distance. This is how I know my child did not squirt the blonde woman with the perfectly coiffed hair in the red and white polka dot sundress.

She walked by and was accidentally squirted on her back with water. Did I mention this was in a water park? What are the odds?

The woman turned and shouted at my child. “What are you doing?!” she screeched, as though she’d been doused with acid.

“That is not funny! You are not very nice!!” she continued.

My son apologized and added, “I didn’t do it.”

“Not nice at all!” she yelled.

Are you kidding me lady?

My boy walked over to me looking embarrassed.

“I saw everything that happened,” I told him. “You didn’t do anything wrong. That lady was wrong to shout at you like that. I’m so sorry. Do you want me to go talk to her?”

He thought for a moment and said, “Nah. Let’s just let it go.”

I really wanted to go lay into her. Karma Kleanse be dammed, I wanted to tell her she had no right to yell at my child. But alas, my boy didn’t think she was worth our energy.

Minutes later he was back smiling and having fun, the incident left behind. He had easily moved on, so why do I have such a hard time letting things like this go?

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