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Cowboys and Seahawks

Cowboys and Seahawks

  “What would you like to do tomorrow?” I asked my daughter as we snuggled at bedtime. “Go to farm?” she asked. In this weather? Not a chance. But instead of stating this disappointing fact I asked, “What would you see at a farm?” “Sheep, cowboys, annnnnnnnd, Seahawks!” was her reply. Hmm, it seems our family ritual of making football picks has had an affect on this child. Every Sunday during football season, our family gathers ’round the table for a little friendly wagering. My husband reads out the competing NFL teams and we each predict the winners. Daddy has his own Proline card, there’s one for Grandpa, and the kids and I employ the majority rules method to compile our choices. My husband and my dad actually consider stats and other footbally factors. But the kids and I have our own surprisingly effective method for picking teams. Our selections are based on gut instinct, aka the “Kismet and Karma Method.” Here’s how it works (teams and rational for predicted winners): Carolina Panthers vs. New York Jets  Predicted Winner: Jets — There was a jet flying over head at that particular moment (as seen out the window).  New England Patriots[…]

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