Ever meet someone and feel instantly connected? It’s empowering and liberating to uncover aspects of your life you never knew you shared so intimately with another person. I met Heather on Twitter. I forget how we found each other exactly, but somehow we made a connection and soon discovered we have have a lot in common.

Heather is a SuperMommy. When I read her blog, I often hear my own voice entwined with hers. As parents, we all travel a similar road, but when the road veers off from the beaten path, it’s important to know there are others walking along with us; some steps ahead who can guide us and some following our footsteps, looking to us for direction. 

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Though Heather and I are walking side by side, I gratefully look to her in many ways for direction. Her article in  Bloom Magazine talks about how nurturing a marriage through the chaos of parenting…under “normal” circumstances can be difficult, but throw in a child with special needs and it becomes more challenging than anyone ever expected.

Heather shares her story and offers suggestions for staying connected with your partner when life is situated on less than solid ground.

Thanks Heather for sharing this part of your amazing journey.

See you on the road! I’ll be the one with the apple, the road map and the broken compass. 😉

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