My thoughts this week have been consumed by my friend Heather and her beautiful boy Zackie. Zack is at Sick Kids Hospital battling pneumonia and Influenza. Last night the physical toll was too much and his heart stopped. Zack is now on life support.
There is nothing more gut wrenching for a parent than witnessing their child in peril. Helpless and terrified can’t begin to describe what Heather and her family must be feeling right now.
Tonight, my son and I put aside our regular bedtime story and together we visited Heather’s blog. We looked at pictures and watched videos of Zack and his two brothers.
Zack, your mummy says you’re a fighter. Please fight. We adore your smile and your laugh. We would all love nothing more than to hear it again soon. 
If you’d like to leave Heather and her family a note of encouragement, you can do so at Wishes For Heather.

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