Help Isn’t Just A Song By The Beatles…

I have a very difficult time both asking for help, and accepting it when it’s offered. Friends and family have expressed that this a flaw. Their exact words, “This is one of your flaws.”

My friend Julie Cole wrote about this topic so eloquently here –> Mabel Mama Of Many 

Julie says,
“Help is a funny thing. Some people offer to help, but we don’t take them up on it. Is it because we don’t think it’s a genuine offer? Is it because we are selective about who we think is actually capable of helping us?” 

You nailed it Julie.

The only thing more difficult for me than asking for help, is actually accepting it, willingly, without running away or attempting to take over. I’ve done both. 

Check out what Julie has to say about what YOU can do to help the stubborn fools who won’t accept your help even though they clearly need it. What? Why is everyone looking at me??

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