They say we Caps are stubborn and controlling. Wrong. I’m not stubborn, I’m simply resolved. And I’m not controlling. I’m merely helpful and like to organize my life and everyone else’s.

This was my horoscope the other day:

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 20)
“You carry such a weight on your shoulders yet you handle it with such poise and grace. Even if you complain, you only express a small fraction of the disgruntlement that you feel. You hold so much together, you are solid as a rock, you are splendid and you are strong. Or at least most of the time that’s what you are like. Once in a while, things aren’t so easy and the cracks start to show. Sometimes you can patch them over, sometimes you have to open them up a little and do a structural repair. But that’s nothing to fear now.”

Here’s what I got from this:

1. I love the word disgruntlement and plan to use it as often as possible.

2. I try to hold it all together, but it’s freaking hard. Without the support of my CALM Sagittarian husband I’d surely dissolve into a puddle.

3. “Splendid and strong.” Well, that’s dead on. That’s totally me. Most of the time? Pish. I’m super splendid 24/7 and I have no idea why my 10 year old son laughed so hard at this. Kids are punks.

4. Cracks? *please avert your eyes from my heels* Fine, there are a few emotional cracks. Some faint, some a little deeper. But I’m working on patching them. It’s a process…

Do you believe in astrology? Do you check your horoscope?


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