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A *Message* (read in french accent) About Massage

A *Message* (read in french accent) About Massage

As weird as it is to have a perfect stranger rub and squeeze me, it’s completely worth the mild awkwardness. Here’s the low down on getting a rub down: 1. Eat before. Not so much that you’re a bloated whale, but enough to spare you the worry about your tummy grumbling during your massage. A rumbly stomach is a natural thing, but for some reason I find it embarrassing and anticipating my stomach making sounds on the table stresses me out. 2. Drink water before and after your massage – something to do with helping flush out toxins or something. 3. On that note, pee right before your massage. Parts of your body will be pushed on, so it’s a good idea to go in “on empty.” 4. Be advised that the massage therapist will tuck the top sheet into the wasitband of your underwear. Unless you’re comfortable showing off your butt, you might want to trade in the thong for full-coverage briefs on massage day. 5. Couples massages are romantic in theory. However, if your partner is a Chatty Cathy (Yes, I’m looking at YOU honey) and serenity is what you’re after, book separate rooms. 6. Set the mood[…]

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