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Precocious Puberty?!

Precocious Puberty?!

  My friend wrote this thoughtful post about our responsibility as mature adults to talk to our kids about…ahem, you know, the birds and the bees. (Hello 1957.) She’s absolutely right. Whether our children are educated in these matters at school or home, we need to provide them with the facts necessary for them to make safe and healthy choices—for their bodies and for their tender hearts. I remember the “talk” when I was growing up. Back then these awkward talks were isolated moments in time. Instead of slowly doling out the details as our children mature, giving them age appropriate info as needed, our parents sat us down at the age of eleven-ish and dumped the facts of life into our laps. My mum did a great job. She sat me down in our kitchen and told me what to expect as I developed. I didn’t make eye contact as she explained about a garden and some kind of complicated seed planting situation. Despite the Better Homes and (lady) Gardens metaphor, I understood. I also felt reasonably comfortable going to my mum during my teen years with questions. Luckily, I didn’t have many that couldn’t be answered by my[…]

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