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The First Seizure

The First Seizure

How sweet she looks strapped into this retro looking wheelchair. We laughed about how it looked like a prop from the horror movie, “The Changeling.” We made jokes, but what our family had just gone through was far from funny.  Though our daughter has spent her fair share of time in pediatric wards over the past few years — always without complaint and never failing to win over the staff with her sunny disposition and ready smile — this week was truly frightening.    Though our Avery has many challenges, we try not to focus on the “what ifs.” Research tells us that many of the significant medical issues for our daughter tend to present later in life, if at all. Since Avery’s initial diagnosis we’ve had our ups and downs. Mostly ups. Doctors told us that Avery might never walk, or talk but she has proved them wrong by doing both. Tuesday however, after celebrating the great results of her perfect hearing test, things took a nasty turn. I went to wake Avery from her afternoon nap — a nap I let go on longer than usual after a long day of appointments. When I entered her room I found her unconscious.[…]

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