Team Canada (Special Abilities Division) World Cheerleading Champions

When doctors express concerns about something being “wrong” with your new baby, you can’t believe it. You refuse to believe it. Looking down into your child’s perfect face, all you see is beautiful potential. 

But when the chromosome test comes back, and you eventually accept that your child is in fact, imperfect (genetically speaking that is, because she is perfect in every other way), you make plans. 

When you are the parent of a child with special needs, there are so many plans that need to be made—for her health, for her education, for her safety, for her development, for her future. All to ensure that despite her disabilities, she will have the chance to be the best version of herself and to, as they say, live her best life. 

So we taught her (and ourselves) sign language. We took part in too many therapies and programs to mention. And when she expressed an interest in a sport or activity, we put our fears aside and let her try. 

Last fall Avery joined the special abilities cheer team, Team PCT Eternity, at Power Cheer Toronto. Her excitement trumped my hesitation. 

Lead by the most incredible team of coaches and volunteers, Avery found her place among her very talented and exceptionally kind and inclusive teammates. 

This spring, this amazing team won the bid to represent Canada at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships at Disney. This special abilities division was brand new, making this team of young people true trailblazers in the sport of cheer. 

Go inclusion, go Team Canada, go Team Eternity!

Here is their championship performance. 


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