Ruffled A Few Red Winged Blackbird Feathers

Have you ever been attacked by a Red Winged Blackbird?
I have. I must’ve gotten t too close to its nest as I walked my dogs through the park. Or maybe I offended it by “tweeting” while I was walking. Ha.
Or perhaps it mistook my unbrushed hair for a nest? I could definitely see that. 

Whatever the reason, I ticked-off this foul fowl somehow and it swooped down from its perch to dive bomb my head. Of course I screamed a shrilly scream and ran away. I had to explain to the man walking his Husky that I was fine—I wasn’t being attacked by a park perv or an aggressive squirrel. It was nice of him to be concerned.

The screaming and the flailing arms seemed to deter the bird and it left me alone.

Pecker Head.

P.S. This episode did nothing to improve my Crazy Dog Walking Lady reputation.

Photo Credit: ibm4381 via photopin

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