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On The Cuff: Women and Hypertension

On The Cuff: Women and Hypertension

Ever felt like you were going to blow a gasket? Not that I know what a gasket is exactly, but I know it’s in a car engine and if it blows, it’s not good. If you blow your engine, you can rebuilt it. But if your head explodes? That’s a messy, done deal. Apparently I’m under a lot of pressure—which is odd because I’m not overly stressed. I’m reasonably calm and happy most days. I think somebody needs to tell that to my blood pressure. Hyptertension runs in families. It happens to run in mine. My doctor has been suggesting that I go on a light dose of BP medication, but I’ve been fighting her on it. I’d hate to see what she writes about me in my file when I leave the office ~”PATIENT IS DIFFICULT. THINKS SHE AND DR. GOOGLE KNOW EVERYTHING.” At my last appointment my doctor ordered a 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor. If I failed the test, I agreed that I would medicate.   The tech at the Cardiologist’s office hooked me up. The cuff inflates every 20 minutes and takes a reading which is recorded on a device in a bag (sadly, not[…]

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